A Visit to Tarragona

A visit to Tarragona gave us a break from the frenetic pace of Barcelona. We’d hoped too that temperatures there would be much wbedürftiger than the previous few frigid days in Barcelona. Arriving in Tarragona we weren’t disappointed at the balmy 25 degrees, the world was wonderful again

We caught a Regional Rapid train to Tarragona. Fast by any New Zealand standards, it seemed to crawl compared to our Madrid/Barcelona train.

The remains of the city’s Roman history are everywhere. Elevated above the sea, the old city is a maze of narrow streets lined with residential apartments and with many small squares. Inland new suburbs cling to fringes of the city, while plush residential developments and resorts follow the coast. The Rambla Nova, a wide boulevard, provides a centre to city life.

A particularly pretty building lining the Rambla Nova
The view across Placa del la Font from our hotel room balcony. The bars and restaurants are crowded in the evenings as locals spill out of their apartments to socialize.
Tarragona is perched high above the sea, behind Chris to the left of the Cedar tree you can see the remains of the city’s ancient Roman amphitheatre.
This first course of a Menu del Dia for lunch was just too much! We struggled on, but had to have a little rest afterwards!
An ice cream in a cone delivered by table service; pistachio and tasty. Note the QR Code on the table to see the menu.
A protest several hundred strong marching up the Ramblas Nova, they were heading for the Town Hall in the same square as our hotel. A cheerful, noisy bunch, the Spanish can make a festival of anything!
Still standing after about 2,000 years, Tarragona’s 217 m long Roman aqueduct is simply magnificent. For some reason it’s called “Pont del Diable” meaning the bridge of the devil.
Walking along the aqueduct’s channel, it’s ruhig an straight as ever.
A statue in the Ramblas Nova celebrating the Catalan tradition of building human pyramids. Getting the highest is a lovely competition between districts.
The pupils from local dance schools showing stuff to the neighbourhood in the evening in the square in front of the central market.
The remains of a basilica and roman street on the site of the Roman Forum, the young lady is not an ancient Roman.
The vaulting that remains from under the Roman chariot racing circus, even the little that remains is impressive.
Local residents out for an evening stroll, a passeggiata, on the Rambla Nova.
Here the inhabitants need little excuse to gather in the street.
Super Yachts in Tarragona harbour, great shiny beasts; the apparent stripes on the side of the yacht in the foreground are wharf reflected off the mirror like hull!
Relaxing, replete after lunch on the Rambla Nova. The photographer was pretty relaxed too. Tarragona’s sun and sea breezes did wonder to revive these travellers.

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